Treatments offered

Nonsurgical Radiating Leg Pain Treatments Utilized by Dr. Anil Kesani

Physical therapy

Oral medications

Chiropractic treatement

Spinal injections

Epidural injections

Facet joint injections

Trigger injections


Sacroiliac injections

Trochanteric injections

Surgical Radiating Leg Pain Treatments Performed by Dr. Anil Kesani at SpineMD

Minimally invasive spine surgery

Artificial disc replacement

Anterior discectomy and fusion (ACDF)

Posterior decompression and fusion

Lumbar discectomy

Lumbar laminectomy

Modified lateral lumbar interbody fusion (MLLIF)

Extreme lateral lumbar interbody fusion (XLIF) and Direct lateral lumabr interbody fusion (DLIF)

Anterior lumbar interbody fusion (ALIF)

Combined anterior interbody fusion and posterolateral fusion (360 fusion)

Posterior interbody fusion (PLIF) and transforaminal interbody fusion (TLIF)

Posterolateral fusion (PLF)

Thoracic decompression and fusion

Occipitocervical fusion

Atlantoaxial fusion

C2 odontoid fracture repair


Spinal cord stimulator

Anil Kesani, M.D. Neck Pain Doctor Near Me provides the lates radiating leg pain treatments
Anil Kesani MD provides radiating leg pain treatments