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Lumbago or Lower Back Pain FAQs – Anil Kesani MD

A spinal specialist based in Texas, Anil Kumar Kesani, MD, has been treating various spinal conditions, including lumbago or lower back pain, for years. In caring for his patients, Dr. Anil Kesani who practices at SpineMD first focuses on nonoperative or noninvasive treatment options and if surgery is needed then minimally invasive treatment options if possible.

An area where these options are often preferred is in the treatment of lumbago or lower back pain. Here are a few of the typical questions people have about this common condition.

Q: What are the causes of low back pain?

A: Often there are several causes. Proximate causes can include any injuries, degenerative changes or arthritis of various parts of the spine, tumors, instability or imbalance of the spine itself and associated tissues, and this can be aggravated by poor posture, stress, poor diet, and lifestyle factors.

Q: What are the treatment options?

A: Since the causes are so varied, the treatment options can vary widely as well. Treatments may include medications, physical therapy, injections, and more rarely surgery.

Q: Can I expect it to get better?

A: Generally speaking, most cases of low back pain have good outcomes with an appropriate treatment plan. If the condition is tied to poor habits, it can return or remain as long as those habits are present.

Please check out Dr. Kesani’s YouTube video below for further information.

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Anil Kesani, M.D.

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Anil Kesani MD is a fellowship trained and board certified spine specialist. After completing his orthopedic surgery residency; Dr. Anil Kesani undertook additional training in spine surgery by completing a combined orthopedic and neurosurgery spine fellowship. He is board certified by the American Board of Orthopedic Surgery.